Current Displays

Scott Base, Ross Island, Antarctica

New Zealand's Scott Base was built on Ross Island in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica, in support of the Trans Antarctic Expedition and International Geophysical Year of 1956-1959. The original intention was for the base to be occupied for just a few years, but in recognition of the value of ongoing Antarctic research the base was gradually enlarged and modernised in a rebuilding programme that began in 1976.

Today, Scott Base remains at the forefront of New Zealand's Antarctic scientific research programme and accommodates up to 85 scientists and support staff over its busy summer season.

As part of a refurbishment programme in 2005, Antarctica New Zealand purchased a number of New Zealand photographs for Scott Base including six landscape and coastal scenes from Harley Betts Photography. These have been erected in various parts of the Base to provide staff with reminders of New Zealand and also to showcase New Zealand to visitors from other countries.

More information on Scott Base and New Zealand's Antarctic research activities can be found at

Photo © Antarctica New Zealand
Pictorial Collection
(Ref. K3100405_SB2)
Photo © Antarctica New Zealand,
(Photographer: Keith Roberts)

Van Uffelen's Picture Framing and Gallery, Palmerston North

Located at 104-106 Princess Street, Van Uffelen's Gallery features an extensive range of local and imported works from a number of New Zealand and overseas artists. The Gallery includes a restaurant and café where patrons can enjoy artworks at their leisure.

Van Uffelen's currently have around six of my New Zealand landscapes on display, which are regularly updated as new images become available.

Opening hours:  Monday - Friday 8.00 am - 5.30 pm
Saturday 10 am - 4 pm
Phone/fax: +64-6-3573944

Wilderness Accommodation, Haast, South Westland

Wilderness Accommodation, on Pauareka Road, Haast, is a friendly and popular place for travellers stopping over between Franz Josef and Queenstown. It is also a great base for anyone wishing to spend a few days exploring the magnificent natural landscapes of the Haast region. Featuring an attractive and relaxing fern-lined atrium at its centre, Wilderness Accommodation offers a range of quality accommodation options from backpacker's dorms through to motel rooms.

Wilderness Accommodation have around eight of my photographs on display on their premises, featuring local scenery ranging from the wild South Westland coast through to the nearby Mt Aspiring National Park.

Phone/fax:  +64-3-7500029

Previous displays

Square Edge gallery, 52 The Square, Palmerston North

Square Edge Creative Centre is home to Palmerston North's Community Arts Council who organise and host a wide range of arts and crafts events throughout the year. In July 2003 I held a month-long exhibition at their gallery, featuring a selection of framed prints of New Zealand landscapes.

The Murray David Gallery, The Square, Palmerston North

This was a very successful temporary gallery which ran for one week during Palmerston North's Festival of the Arts in August 2003. Featuring three local photographers, a jeweller and a furniture designer, the gallery presented and sold a number of my New Zealand and Antarctic images.

Café Esplanade, The Esplanade, Palmerston North

The Esplanade, located on the banks of the Manawatu River, is a well-known destination in the Palmerston North region. The Café Esplanade is set amongst nineteen hectares of attractively landscaped gardens and is a popular focal point for visitors to the Esplanade.